XTRgate Scam or Trustworthy Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?


The global economy is witnessing a gradual shift from a conventional currency arrangement to a digital one. More and more volumes of transactions these days are paperless.

The digital payment industry has revolutionized with the advent of cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional payment mediums, cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies.

They have an excellent security feature, which makes them hard to be counterfeited. Its decentralized nature had made it gained attention in the public eye. With a high interest in cryptocurrencies, a lot of people are at a loss on how to engage in these trades.

Finding a competent and transparent broker requires a lot of research. The vast number of brokerage firms in the industry makes it all the more disconnected for a beginner. Your experience in the crypto trade is determined to a large extent by the broker you choose.

A lot of factors are put into consideration before selecting a broker. For some, it is the years of experience in the sector; for others, it is the innovation and uniqueness. It is at this point, XRgate comes in. While XRgate may be a new entrant in the industry, it makes up for its deficiency of longevity with its fantastic features.

About XTRgate

XTRgate, founded in 2019, has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Its operations are fully regulated and licensed. The broker’s activity is sanctioned by the following regulatory bodies: NFA, FCA, ASIC, and CYsec. Users are assured of the safety of their funds on the platform. XTRgate offers its investors an excellent trading experience, aimed at making them maximize their profits.

What Sets XTRgate Apart

Many brokerage firms saturate the crypto trading market. A lot of these brokers are involved in the trading of forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrency. For traders fixed on trading on cryptocurrency, then XTRgate is for you. XTRgate trade in a variety of cryptocurrency.

XTRgate offers the best variety of cryptocurrency.

For some other brokers, trading cryptocurrency is more like an option. For XTRgate, that is never an issue. The following are some significant cryptocurrencies traded on their platform.

Bitcoin (BTC):

It has the largest share in the crypto market.

Etheruem (ETC): Although like Bitcoin, Etheruem still possesses some marked difference to Bitcoin.

Ripple (XRP): This cryptocurrency can be utilized for monetary payment digitally.

Dash: The bitcoin inspired digital currency was designed to process at a much higher pace. Users can also trade-in other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin (LTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Customer saDT), and a host of others.

Trading Platforms

As any brokerage firm would know, trading can never be as worthwhile in the Absence of a good trading platform. It is the reason XTRgate has uniquely designed it’s a trading platform for that ultimate satisfaction. Its user-friendly interface can easily be navigated.

New users can handily discern the workings of the trading environment. The platform is web-based and does not require installation or downloads.

Account Types

XTRgate offers an array of account types to choose from. The individual needs of users have been well thought of before presenting the various account types.

  1. Basic: This account is mainly for new entrants in the world of trading. It requires a minimum deposit of 1000 Euros. It also parades some significant perks such as basic training and education for users, daily market reviews, webinars, and customer support.
  2. Bronze: This account requires a minimum deposit of 10000 Euros. Users can enjoy the benefit of price alerts as well as other services enjoyed by the basic account users.
  3. Silver: A minimum trading deposit is required to operate this account. It offers the services of an account manager, who assists and exposes trading secrets. Traders can similarly enjoy the benefits open to both basic and bronze account.
  4. Gold Account: The deposit requirement for this account starts at 25000 Euros. This account is reserved for users who have mastered the art of trading. It comes with a collection of benefits such as customized trading strategies and PIA SMS signals.
  5. Platinum Account: This account demands a minimum deposit of 250,000 Euros. It is meant for professional traders. A platinum account holder also enjoys all the perks of the other accounts. Interested users also get a one on one training from advisors.

Impressive Customer Support

XTRgate cares about its client’s satisfaction; hence, it has measures to ensure this. Users can have their queries adequately answered via emails and phone calls.

Is XTRgate Scam or Legit?

Some people want to know, is XTRgate scam or legit? Well, the cryptocurrency market has become very competitive amid more investors in the sector. Cryptocurrencies are expected to be a mainstream digital paying medium in no distance time. For this reason, rival brokerage firms are employing desperate tactics to have more of the market share.

You must have been aware of the flooding of the Internet of negative reviews of XTRgate.

It is pertinent to note that these negative reviews are simply the handiwork of mischievous competitors in the industry. Those negative reviews are utterly misleading, unfounded, and aimed at tarnishing the image of XTRgate as a fast-growing brokerage firm. XTRgate.com has written a detailed and honest review of why XTRgate is not a scam.

Traders must endeavor to carry out a thorough research on brokers to form their impressions.


XTRgate has been to deliver to its users an excellent and memorable trading venture. They have proven quite clearly that even a new entrant in the field can give its competitors a run for their money.