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Have a Story That You Want Published on investFeed Edge? Send It in.

Come write for investFeed Edge and earn FEED tokens.

Every week, we’ll be holding a contest for the three best pieces sent to us that get published on the platform. Articles will be published under the handle “investFeed,” but user attribution will be granted at the end of the article. Make sure to include your investFeed and Twitter handle within your content.


Top article is awarded 250 FEED tokens

Second place article is awarded 200 FEED tokens

Third place article is awarded 50 FEED tokens


By participating in our contest you agree to the following:

investFeed Edge may or may not publish submitted content

-The rights to your content are relinquished upon submission, and investFeed Edge is granted the right to exclusively publish your material

-Content sent to us is original and has not been published prior.

investFeed Edge reserves the right to publish your material whether or not the user submitting wins the contest

investFeed Edge has the right to modify the submitted content before posting to the website

investFeed Edge has the right to use both your investFeed handle and Twitter handle at the bottom of the article to note authorship

investFeed Edge reserves the right to end this promotion at any time, but will let the community know at least one week in advance

If you continually submit excellent content to investFeed Edge, there might be an opportunity to join us as one of our writers.