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STR Capital

In the current state of Pandemic, when the entire world’s economy is experience the worst fall, Online Trading has become a beacon of hope and income for the people who have lost their employments, their savings and their businesses to this downfall and are eager to find a solution to their problem. Even though there are hundreds of brokerages claiming to provide the best services to investors, there is hardly a single brokerage living up to these claims. This has resulted in people distrusting the online platform as a whole, hampering the overall reputation of online trading.

How STR Became Retainer of Online Brokerages’ Lost Reputation

With time, this situation had gotten worse and online trading brokerages had started losing their reputation to a point where people started reconsidering whether choosing online brokerages was a good option or not.

This is when STR Capital made its debut as the retainer of the reputation that online brokerages had lost along the way, bringing back the same level of faith that people used to hold with brokerages in the past. While majority of the brokerages focused on getting investors to pay more and more to get them to trade in assets, STR Capital is determined to change this concept entirely, focusing on grooming and polishing the trading and analytical skills of investors, empowering them to make their own decisions.

Accounts Offered by STR Capital

After the careful study of the trading markets and the client expectations, STR Capital has been able to introduce a variety of trading accounts that can match the needs of investors no matter the level of experience:

Basic Account

This account has been set up for investors who are new to the trading world and need extra support and guidance. This account can be acquired with a Minimum deposit of 500€, giving the account holder up to 10% loyalty bonus. Investors are assigned to an account manager for 2 weeks, receive trading alerts, trading signals once a day, up to 10% insurance level, daily market review and a personal savings account.

Silver Account

This account is suitable for investors who are somewhat familiar online trading. With a deposit of minimum 10,000€, investors can gain access to this account making them eligible to get up to 20% loyalty bonus. On top of this, investors get to avail and enjoy all the benefits offered to basic account holders as well as to advanced charts with up to 20% insurance level.

Gold Account

This account has been set up for investors who are well aware of the basics of online trading and are ready to take the first step into making average investments and increasing their chances of high earnings. This account can be owned by making a deposit of minimum 100,000€, granting investors up to 30% loyalty bonus. In addition to same benefits that gold account holders get to experience as silver account holders, investors get exclusive trading updates, 2 signals per day, insurance level up to 30%, and assistance from account manager and guidance from experienced analysts.

Platinum Account

This account is for hardcore traders, ready to make hefty investments increasing their chances of earnings. The platinum account can be acquired with a minimum deposit of 250,000€, allowing investors to avail up to 60% loyalty bonus. Apart from the same benefits that Gold account holders get to avail, platinum account holders get to have 3 trading signals per day and up to 60% insurance level.

Diamond Account

This is the highest level of account for investors aiming to make millions through investments. With a minimum of 500,000€, investors can gain access to this account, making them eligible to avail up to 80% loyalty bonus. Apart from the same benefits that investors get to experience from platinum accounts, investors get unlimited trading signals and up to 80% insurance level.

Millioner Club

This account is the perfect choice for investors who are already playing in millions and are ready to join the club of other highest money-making investors’ club. The investors can become part of the Millioner Club by making a minimum deposit of 1,000,000, making them eligible for up to 100% loyalty bonus and up to 100% insurance level as well as rest of the benefits that diamond account holders get to avail.

Trading Assets From STR Capital

For STR Capital, the aim is to provide investors with enough trading products that they never run out of options to trade in and listed below are the top picks that STR Capital has made to increase the chances of their investors to make fortunes:

Forex Trading

This type of trade refers to the buying and selling of currencies in the form of pairs. In forex, investors get to choose 1 out of 70+ currency pairs offered in the forex platform and trade them after careful analysis and forecasting to make profits in the price variations.

Commodities Trading

In Commodity trading, investors get to buy, sell or trade natural resources gained through agriculture (fruits, vegetables, grains), mining (gold, copper) or drilling (crude oil) and make trades based on the asset price volatility to make profits against the initial price versus the final price.

Stocks Trading

This refers to the trade where companies/industries put their company assets/shares on sale in the public markets to generate revenue and capitals for their company to execute their research and development programs. The investors can buy these stocks, observe changes in the asset price, and sell them once the price of the stocks rise.

Indices Trading

It involves the collective price value of assets owned by a group of companies. In Indices trading, investors can go for long position or short position to make profits through price differences.

Why Trade With STR Capital?

The benefits and facilities that STR Capital offers are mainly for the well-being and betterment of the investors. Apart from the benefits STR Capital offers, it also offers investors the education program so that investors can get the most out of it and has organized a 24/7 customer support team of highly professional individuals who are just a call away.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Trader?

Similar to every other moneymaking platform, online trading requires time, dedication, determination, rational thinking and most of all, patience. Because in trading, there is success as well as failure so if you can’t be patient, trading is not the right choice for you.