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If you are someone who has never traded before, it is going to be a hard decision for you to pick an online broker. The first step is always the most difficult one because that’s when you have to trust an online entity for the first time for your trading needs. At the same time, you usually have to sign up with a broker that is not located in your country. Therefore, you have to look into all the features that you can to make sure that you pick a broker with plenty of amazing things to offer. Solid Invest can be one of your best choices if you look at the many amazing things that this broker is doing for its traders.

Of course, as a trader, it is your right to know everything about the broker before you invest your money. It is to be mentioned here that you are the one trusting the broker first and the broker is the second party to trust you. For this very reason, you have it in your rights to inquire as much as you can about the broker. So, is Solid Invest a great broker if you are just beginning your trading journey for the first time? You can find out once you discover all the features of this broker in this review.

Reviewing the Features That Make Solid Invest Unique

Stay Anonymous while Trading

Does it really matter if you do or do not stay anonymous when you trade with an online broker? The fact is that most traders from around the world who want to trade cryptocurrencies like the idea that these assets are cryptographically protected. That’s the reason they are called cryptocurrencies. Now, when you talk about cryptographic assets, you are referring to some of the safest assets out there. More importantly, cryptocurrencies are known for their decentralization, which means that these currencies are not stored by any central entity. This means there is no central entity storing your information or keeping track of all your transactions.

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When you sign up with Solid Invest, you can rest assured that the broker has taken all the steps to keep you anonymous while trading. Signing up with other brokers will provide you with many other types of securities, but they will never keep you anonymous on their websites. On the other hand, you will be trading anonymously when you are with Solid Invest and that’s what makes this broker so trader friendly, advanced, and amazing among its competitors. So, if you want to trade cryptocurrencies while maintaining the security of your identity, you should definitely consider signing up with this broker.

Further Information Security

The abovementioned method is not the only way for the broker to protect your information. In fact, you will notice that the broker has taken other measures to ensure the safety of your information. The most important of all measures is the presence of SSL certificates on the website. When you sign up with any online website, you have to make sure that there is this protection on the website of the broker. If the broker does not have the SSL certificates installed on the website, you can be sure that the information that you provide to the broker is exposed to any parties that are trying to steal your information.

With Solid Invest, you can be sure that your security will not be compromised in any way or form. The broker has made sure that it performs proper encryption of your information as soon as you provide it on the website. Encryption means that even if someone accesses your information, they will not be able to make anything out of it. It has been coded in such a way that it does not make sense to you when you look at it. The broker has also made sure that it encrypts your information through the latest encryption standards, which are much safer than the standards of several years ago.

Small Commissions Big Profits

Of course, you must not forget that the profits that you make on your trades depend on your skills and predictions. If you are good with your predictions and forecasts, you will be able to make a lot of profits. However, there is one factor that a lot of traders forget when they sign up with online brokers. If the broker has huge commissions, you will not be able to make a lot of profits even on big trades. Why will you not be able to make profits? Well, the profits you make will be shrunken by the amount of money that you have to pay to the broker in the form of commissions.

Online brokers can charge you for their services in many ways. The two most common ways for brokers to charge you for their services include commissions and spreads. They are both great models and the broker can decide how much flexibility and affordability you enjoy. However, when the broker has both these factors in place at the same time, you are going to end up spending too much money on your trades. However, when you sign up with Solid Invest, you will find a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money with the broker. You will love the fact that the broker has very small commissions in place.

When you sign up with Solid Invest, you will be paying only 0.82% commission on your trades. While other brokers take anything around 5% from your trades as commissions, you are signing up with a broker that is not even taking 1% from you. This means that the profits you make on your trades will mostly go in your pocket. This shows that the broker really cares about you, not just the money it makes from you. It is giving you with every opportunity to make a lot of money. After that, it all depends on your trading skills how much money you make.

Trade Cryptos and Stocks

There are many different types of brokers on the internet that you can sign up with. These brokers give you access to a variety of financial markets. The interesting part of it all is that you will be trading in the same financial markets in many different ways. For example, when you trade options, you are simply predicting the direction of the price of an asset. On the other hand, when you trades CFDs, which is what you will be trading with this broker as well, you just trade a contract that reflects the value of the asset that you are trading.

Now, you have to find a broker that not only allows you to trade many different instruments, but also gives you access to different types of assets. For example, you have access to stocks in the form of CFDs. The best thing about stocks is that you have plenty of them. You can use your fundamental and technical analysis to predict how the asset will be performing in the coming days. Based on that, you can take a position that you think will benefit you. In addition to trading stocks, you can also trade cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are the most interesting and popular assets these days.

The whole world is interested in cryptocurrencies because people think that they can make a lot of money through cryptocurrency investment. Solid Invest provides with a robust trading platform where these interested traders can invest in cryptocurrencies of their choices. If you are interested in digital assets, you are going to admire the broker for providing you with many different types of crypto assets, and not just the basic and major ones, such as Ethereum, and Bitcoin. With this broker, you will have Dash, Litecoin, Bytecoin, Monero, and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in your access. Pick the cryptocurrency you like and trade with a broker you can trust.

Easy Crypto Wallet Facility

The most important thing that you have to confirm when you sign up with an online cryptocurrency broker is that you are able to deposit money in your account with ease. It is shocking that there are so many so-called brokers on the internet that provide you with great cryptocurrency trading services, but they don’t offer you any easy way of depositing money in your account. It does not make sense that you are on the website of a cryptocurrency broker, but you can’t even use a crypto wallet to deposit money in your account.

When you sign up with Solid Invest, you will notice that things are pretty easy and convenient for you as a cryptocurrency trader. The broker has provided you with the option of cryptocurrency wallet, which is the wallet you can put your cryptocurrencies in. Trading digital assets on Solid Invest is an experience that you won’t have on any other website.

A Bookkeeper Just for You

The bookkeeper feature is something unique to this broker. You will not find any other broker on the internet that will provide you with this amazing feature. So, what is the advantage you will get of this feature after signing up with this broker? To understand the importance of this feature, you have to realize that there will always be fear in your heart when you trade for the first time. You want to trade assets, but you can’t be sure about your trading decision? You don’t know which tools to use and your trading decisions are almost always shaky.

The most important thing you need in your initial trading years is confidence, and there is no better way to get it than having someone experienced with you. It is unfortunate that so many online brokers are unable to understand this imperative need of the new traders. However, you will be happy to know that this broker takes care of this need like it deserved to be taken care of. So, when you sign up with Solid Invest, you will receive the services of a personal bookkeeper. This bookkeeper will help you go in the right direction in terms of your trading decisions. You will be making more well-informed decisions about your trading career with the help of this bookkeeper.

Accounts You’d Prefer

The accounts you will get from this broker for trading purposes are some of the best you will get from online brokers. There are five types of trading accounts, and you have to pick the one that meets your requirements the best. If you are a new trader, you should go with the most basic type of account, which requires no more than $1000 from you to sign up. With this little amount, you will be in the real financial markets trading your favorite assets and making the profits that you have been aiming for. The best thing is that you will receive 24/7 customer support even if the account you have signed up with is the most basic one from the broker.

You also have a basic account, which is a better form of the most basic account. In this account, you will receive a personal analyst to help you with your trades. You will also be welcomed by an analyst who will have a session with you to explain everything that matters. What you are going to love as a new trader with Solid Invest is that you will also have a welcome bonus. With this basic account, you will receive a bonus of 50% of the deposit you make in your account. Interestingly, if you sign up with the gold account, the broker will offer you a welcome bonus of 100%.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing better than finding a broker that meets your needs as a new trader. As someone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies, you definitely need a pat on the back and some extraordinary confidence because you are stepping into a financial market, which is not only new but also risky. The broker does not charge any unnecessary commissions to ensure you trade in a friendly environment and most of the profit that you make on your trades belongs to you.