Pibexa Review – Trade Forex and Cryptocurrency Safely


There are different forms of trade done on the internet. However, the trading of financial instruments stands out as one of the most prominent among them all.

Financial instruments are monetary contracts between two parties that can be traded.  Some examples of financial instruments include bonds, commodities, stocks, indices, etc.

Each of these trading assets comes with their families’ level of risk. Before now, the stock market seemed to be the only traded financial instruments in the monetary market.

With the advent of the internet, we are beginning to see new and exciting trading assets flooding the market. Forex and more recently, cryptocurrencies have become the investment toast for a lot of traders.

Not surprisingly forex market has about 20% of the total online financial markets share, a huge interest for renowned traders and new trading devotees.

Its flexible nature makes it all the more appealing to those who see trading as time-consuming. To have a fulfilling time trading, you would need the services of a trusted and reliable broker.

Based on this, you have to evaluate some variables before selecting a broker. The large volume of trade pulled by traders each day in the financial market means the market can accommodate more brokers.

A broker is a company that helps traders to invest their funds in the money market. New brokers continue to emerge as the stake gets high in attracting traders to their platform. Amid this competition, one broker that stands out is Pibexa.com.

Pibexa.com is an online forex trading platform that guarantees an extraordinary trading experience for its clients in terms of safety, trustworthiness, integrity, and educational resources.

The broker has its headquarters in London, England. They are known for offering unrivaled trading services in the industry. The brokers’ well-trained and experienced team assures that the operations on the platform remain seamless and inaccessible to hackers and cybercriminals.

For some brokers, having a well-structured system is not considered a priority. Pibexa.com is a properly organized broker with a legal desk that ensures the rules and regulations of trading are precisely followed.

Owned by Tarvida industries LP, Pibexa.com is devoted to creating an environment where forex and cryptocurrency trading is smooth and seamless, ultimately making profits for its clients.

Reasons to choose Pibexa.com as a broker.

Trading in financial instruments such as forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies is the best choice for many traders. Pibexa.com is certainly the best chance for traders to earn income from trading.

The following are some of the reasons why Pibexa.com is a credible and respected broker in the industry.

An easy method of registration

The process of registration on Pibexa.com is easy and clear. As a trader, there are certain steps you must follow to start trading on the platform.

Step 1: As part of KYC (know your customers) commitments, the Pibexa.com website would require you to provide details about your prior trading knowledge, personal information such as name, email address, residential address, phone number, etc.

Step 2: Once you have given your details, you would be required to choose an investment plan among the four investment plans on offer.

Step 3: Based on the number of accounts on offer, the trader would have to verify their information with the broker. The broker demands personal information of the trader including full names, phone number, and email address.

Step 4: After verification of the personal information of the trader, the last and final step is to fund your account and start trading.

Trading plans on Pibexa.com

There are different trading accounts on Pibexa Based on the financial capacity of the user, they can choose any of the accounts offered by the broker.

Traders with more substantial financial strength and knowledge are offered accounts with premium features, while beginners with low monetary backing are offered the primary account with limited features.

Silver Account

Pibexa.com offers newcomers in the trading market the silver account. The accounts are specifically designed for individuals excited in the trading world to gain experience and begin trading.

The account obliges traders to have a minimum of $250 as trading deposits and $999 as the utmost trading deposits. The silver account is mainly for learners. It is limited to only a bit of function which includes:

  • Academy training
  • EBooks

Gold Account:

Pibexa.com provides this account for traders that can trade with more than $1000. Holders of this account can enjoy trading on the platform.

However, clients are restricted to a maximum cap of $4999. Gold account users are traders who are only beginning to comprehend the online trading enterprise.

The broker has an account manager that helps traders steer their way into the financial market. The broker makes the trading venture for its clients a successful and profitable one. The account offers traders of this account some of the following benefits such as:

  • Access to EBooks
  • Academy training

Platinum Account

The platinum account is reserved for trades who have amassed reasonable proficiency and knowledge in the online trading domain and are not scared of taking it.

The account requires a minimum deposit amount of $5000 and a maximum deposit of $34,999. The Platinum account offers traders additional components which provide its clients with extraordinary benefits such as:

  • No withdrawal fees
  • Professional analyst trading

Diamond Account

The diamond account is Pibexa’s.com premium trading plan for a skilled and very resourceful trader. It is tailor-made for its top traders.

The account offers superior features that strengthen systematic transactions. The diamond account requires a minimum balance of $35,000 to open.

Traders who desired to take their trading ambitions to the next level can make use of the diamond account.

 Benefits of the diamond accounts include:

  • Full educational package
  • Zero withdrawal fees
  • EBooks
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Premium contract options

Deposits and withdrawals

Piblexia.com offers safe and secure payment methods that are used to add funds to a wallet exchange. The lowest trading deposit on Pibexa is $250. The payment methods on Pibexa.com includes Visa card, Master Card, Skrill, and American express.

Modest fees framework

Pibexa.com offers its clients competitive fees that provide an extra edge over its rivals in the financial market.

The use of its educational tools does not attract any additional fees; more so, wallets’ funding does not come with any charges, making it one of the most user-friendly trading platforms. Pixbexia.com offers an extraordinary fee schedule that is among the best in the industry.

Amazing Trading tools

Pibexa.com offers an appealing trading tool that makes trading not only profitable but interesting. To succeed in the financial market, traders must understand the dynamics of the market and how to trade it.

Pibexa.com has an array of trading tools that are seamless and easily accessible. Pibexa.com trading tools have unique details and are created to function optimally.

The trading tools furnishes clients with precise knowledge of existing market dynamics. Pibexa.com trading tools allow users the opportunity to establish secrets of technical analysis. Detailed and timely execution of trades is a trademark feature of its trading platform.

Impressive trading platform

Trading is most effective when it is done on a smooth trading platform. Earning profits while trading on a bad trading platform could be a sad and tiring experience.

 The main driving force of any trading tool is the technology behind it. Pibexa.com trading tool is resourceful, stylish, and operated by cutting edge technology.

Pibexa.com allows investors to trade from wherever they are in the world. It is facilitated by a modern and simple technologies solution.Pixebia.com offers.

The web-based platform provides a fulfilling experience that guarantees online trading at its best. With a live and valid data streams, the Pibexa’s.com trading platform creates a unique style that imposes self-confidence even for the most inexperienced online trader.

Effective training center:

To trade in financial instruments such as forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, etc. the trader some bit of training.

The market sometimes gets very unpredictable and may pose a big challenge for traders.  Some traders incorrectly believe you should trade at periods when the market is up; this is where training and guidance become crucial.

Pibexa.com is renowned for its well-designed training center that helps guide investors on their platform. Traders are tutored on the basics of forex trading in a manner that favors their learning tempo.

Pibexa.com offers proven techniques for traders to able to trade and make profits even when the market is down. The well-established education training center tailored to meet the needs of traders, especially new and inexperienced entrants.

Main online training, CFD trading findings are some of the in-depth skills t Pubexia.com training center offers. The libraries of eye-opening videos and recommendations from online financial advisers help solve some old trading beliefs.

The Pibexa.com training facility guides the user every step of the way, thereby expanding the chances of traders on its platform to earn profits from trading.

Smooth Mobile Trading Application

The quick pace of trade in the cryptocurrency and CFD market, demands quick access to market dynamics to avoid the loss of opportunities to execute trade deals in record time. The Pibexa.com mobile trading app helps investors trade from anywhere in the world, and at any time.

The mobile app has similar incredible characteristics and features as its web-based version. With more and more people making use of their smartphones, the Pibexa.com mobile trading app allows users to trade forex pairs.

Depending on the user’s mobile device, the Pibexa.com mobile app can be downloaded from the google play store or the apple store.

Adaptable trading conditions

The central purpose of committing on trading online is to earn profits. Closer inquiry of your broker’s trading conditions can disclose if you would indeed be successful in your trading venture.

Pibexir.com provides flexible trading outcomes that ensure a return of 10% of your preliminary trading deposit. That is if you are not liable to decline to a zero or minus account balance.

With this, new and unskilled traders can engage in trading more assuredly. The broker also offers numerous currency pairs to trade-in. It encourages portfolio diversion, but only within an assortment of currencies.

Qualified and professional on- line staff

The Pibexa.com trademark is recognized as for excellence in the brokerage industry and is no coincidence. Established by seasoned experts, all of its premium features are supervised by experts who monitor and ensure seamless use of the trading platform.

Equipped with modern technological upgrades, financial experts provide important trading advice to portfolio owners, allowing them to make knowledgeable judgments while trading.

Reliable Customer Support

Responsible customer support is important for a lot of people craving to select a broker. For most online trading investors, slow or no response from customer service could be very frustrating.

Traders may confront challenges in the course of trading and require a competent and quick response from support staff. Some brokers are utilizing the use of FAQs to meet traders’ needs.

However, this procedure is not very helpful, because trading these days is fast-paced and FAQs might not answer the inquiries of every customer.Pibexa.com distinguishes itself from other brokers.

The timely response of its support staff to calls and questions on their platform clearly proves this. The broker provides traders with 24hrs customer support.

Its vigorous feedback system indicates that most of its traders are satisfied with the support staff, as indicated by reviews on their website. A callback component is entrenched on their site and functional email address and phone numbers, well shown on the broker’s platform.

Security and privacy

The major emphasis of Pibexa is guaranteeing the privacy of its client. The broker does not negotiate on the security and safety of its traders. As a result of stringent measures directed at securing its traders’ safety, the broker is one of the safest brokers out there.

When some broker is encountering persistent security breaches, the top-level security of the Pibexa.com inspires confidence among traders. The broker’s trading platform has an encrypted technology that can prevent any sensed or real cyber threat.  With a strong SSL security network on its website, every one of its traders’ data is well encrypted.

Hence protected from hackers and cybercriminals the dedication of Pibexa.com to the Anti-Money laundering (AML) and Know your customer (KYC) policies, show that the broker is indeed committed to protecting the safety of traders on its platform. Furthermore, traders have constantly testified about the Pibexa.com protected and powerful security system.

Unique social trading feature

Social trading is a distinct trading feature that enables traders to reproduce and follow an expert trader’s habit. This unique feature helps cut down the length of a time a beginner on the platform would have to learn before earning profits.

The professional trader carries out all the trading while the rookie simply replicates all the actions of the professional trading. This trading. interesting feature ensures that even as a beginner, you can still be successful in trading

Multiple Language Options

Pibexa.com’s trading platform has two major languages embedded in it. They are English and German. The language styles are well worded and extensively helps the needs of the trader.

Pibexa.com at a glance

The broker eliminates any downloading process, as its web-based platform reliably attends to the demands of its traders.

The trading platform is simple to use and very accessible to clients.

Pibexa.com trading platform gives immense satisfaction to traders and ensures an extraordinary trading encounter with traders.

Pibexa.com has a mobile trading application that enables traders to navigate the market and place deals in real-time.

Pibexa.com offers very decent trading fees, placing them ahead of other brokers in this regard.

The Pibexa.com platform boasts highly trained staff, trainers, and brokers, who are readily available to assist users.

Pibexa.com has a broad reach and can be accessed from any part of the globe.

No other trading platform inspires as much confidence as Pibexa.com, thereby creating a sense of trust from users.

Pibexa.com offers an array of CFD products from its traders to choose from. There are no hidden charges, deposits, and withdrawals made at no extra cost.


Pibexa.com offers an outstanding trading experience and displays an ingenious way of trading, unrivaled by any broker in the trading industry.

The broker has maintained professionalism and developed key strategic trading policies to support its clients. Pibexa.com, as a trusted broker, has all the hallmarks that shows it is the best in the industry.

Pibexa.com has built and maintained its status as the broker to beat.  Every single detail that involves a trader is adequately taken care of. The broker has streamlined online trading by edging out its intricacies.  Trading of CFDS is a thrill on Pibexa.com.

It is a fulfilling experience trading with them. For traders who have never been successful in online trading, a trial with Pibexa.com would certainly reveal to you that the broker upholds clients’ satisfaction so dearly.

Pibexa.com has shown a substantial obligation to ensuring that trading financial instruments is an experience that clients under the platform can relieve their benefits.

Trading has never been this exciting since the advent of Pibexa.com into the market. With a well-structured system, the broker aims at making trading of financial instruments a venture that guarantees profits.