PECUNIO – The Latest Blockchain Company (ICO LIVE) To Add Company Profile Page on investFeed


investFeed, a leading cryptocurrency social network powered by crypto specific contributors, ICO contributors, and enthusiasts alike,

is thrilled to announce the rapid expansion of blockchain companies listing their company information on investFeed’s company page feature.

The latest company to register their company and add their proprietary information, assets, multimedia, social channels etc —  is PECUNIO (currently under ICO).

Please find a video of the C Level Executives of PECUNIO live from the New York Stock Exchange!

Pecunio’s company page on investFeed can be found here –

Does your blockchain company want a profile on investFeed?

If so, in order to create a company profile on investFeed, a team member must first create a personal profile on investFeed, then request a company profile and populate it with all of the relevant assets.



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