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Why Combining Blockchain with Messaging Applications is a Smart Idea
David Drake Jan 12,2018 0 Comments

There are reports that Telegram is launching a landmark initial coin offering (ICO) in upcoming months. The company plans to set up a blockchain platform, known as Telegram Open Network (TON), to

SEC suspends trading of UBI Blockchain (UBIA) After 1000% Surge
Adam McClellan Jan 12,2018 0 Comments

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has temporarily suspended trading in securities of Hong Kong-based “Internet of Things” (IoT) company, UBI Blockchain Internet Limited (UBIA),

Warren Buffett Foresees Cryptopocalypse – Predicts “Bad Ending” For Bitcoin
Maryam Manzoor Jan 12,2018 0 Comments

Cryptocurrencies may be touted as the next big thing, and investors worldwide might be scrambling to grab a piece of the pie, but billionaire investor Warren Buffett remains unconvinced;

India Keeps Sending Mixed Signals on Bitcoin and Blockchain Regulation
Jonathan Keane Jan 11,2018 0 Comments

India, with its population of 1.2 billion, growing internet penetration, and the presence of several major financial institutions, make it one of the most potentially lucrative markets for the

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Kochava Announces Initial Members To XCHNG’s Board Of Advisors
investFeed Jan 11,2018 0 Comments

Experts and Industry Veterans in Digital Advertising and Blockchain To Help Bolster XCHNG’s Mission SANDPOINT, Idaho, January 11, 2018 — Kochava Labs, a research and development subsidiary of

Investor Bill Miller Talks Cryptocurrency Holdings, Rips Into Ripple
Ifeanyi Egede Jan 11,2018 0 Comments

Legendary investor and founder of Miller Value Partners, Bill Miller, told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” that he had moved 90% of its bitcoin holdings to a separate fund while his main fund