NaPoleonX Sells Out of Bonus Tranches in Less Than 24 Hours


January 24th, 2018 –  From the beginning of their ICO journey, NaPoleonX considered the 5 million EUR to be a huge milestone. Being able to overtake it in less than 24 hours is a colossal positive signal for them, and they wish to thank the community again for their trust and support.

Their ICO has indeed left the launch pad at a phenomenal speed, and their goal is now to build on that momentum to reach their final goal: 15 million EUR.

At the moment of writing this newsletter, NaPoleonX’s ICO has raised a total of 5,804,012 EUR, leaving their first milestone far behind them. Although all of their 20% bonus discount spots have been taken within the first 24 hours, current contributors can still benefit from a 10% bonus until they reach their next milestone (10 million EUR). Bonus contributions will end at that point.

NaPoleonX’s dashboard now displays contributions to the ICO. For a few contributors, it took some time to appear, but NPX are now normally displaying. The team thanks the community again for their patience.

The team would also like to remind contributors that tokens will be distributed maximum 8 business days after the close of ICO. .

The NPX team is available to answer your questions on the NaPoleonX Telegram group or at [email protected]. You can also check out the whitepaper, and the FAQ for answers.

NaPoleonX team members & channel admins will NEVER contact their followers directly or offer any private sale placements. NaPolenX is encouraging followers to report any scammers impersonating team members.

For more information, please go to NaPoleonX’s official website.


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