investFeed’s first bounty Airdrop

We are Airdropping a maximum 500,000 IFT tokens as the first part of several marketing bounty campaigns beginning Thursday, 03/08/2018, at 9AM, and ending Tuesday, 03/13/2018, at 9AM. 

Whichever comes first, the max IFT limit for this campaign is reached or the end date/time is reached, the airdrop will cease. Being rewarded for participation is on a first come first serve basis. Participation is free.


Tier 1


1. You must go to desktop app and sign up using a valid email address


2. You must add a ERC-20 Compatible Wallet to receive IFT tokens




3.  You must verify you own your email using Civic Verification




-> Download Civic here if you need to install it


4. Publish one post stating your favorite cashtagged token and why, i.e. $IFT


5. Join our telegram: .


Successfully completing these steps will result in receiving 100 IFT tokens, that will be immediately be transferable on the investFeed platform, post campaign distribution. (Distribution will take less than an estimated* 24 hours after the campaign has ended to recieve)


Tier 2


1. After you have completed all steps from tier 1,  you are now eligible to be a referrer( elite member)


2. Share your affiliate link ID across all of your social channels. You can find the link here


->  (Ad blocker can sometimes hide the link, so if you do not see it, you must disable ad blocker to copy the link)


3. For every member that you recruit who completes all steps from tier 1, you will receive 100 IFT tokens per member,  You can recruit a maximum of 10 users, The total amount of tokens a participant can acquire is 1100 IFT tokens in this particular campaign.



It is your responsibility to research and follow the laws of your own country involving participating in cryptographic utility token bounty programs and receiving it.


IFT tokens should not be purchased or considered an investment for  the purpose of making a profit in the secondary market. Our FEED token is a cryptographic utility token intended only to be used on investFeed, and its value is solely based on how it’s used on the platform.


We make no representations, warranties or are liable for any content, accuracy and reliability of such ratings and are not responsible directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content or services provided.


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