How to become a better investor in this modern era

Financial experts do tell their clients to prepare for drops in the stock market because taking the good with the bad is a part of the investment. Even though investments are more volatile than ever especially with economic trends and shifts, investments are still valid than ever.


One of the most profitable investments between 2010 and 2020 was cryptocurrencies. The worth of Bitcoins rose from almost nothing to over 17,000 USD. The implication is that if an individual had invested as little as 100 USD on cryptocurrencies in 2010, The money would have been worth at least, a million dollars by the end of 2020. Within the first 4 months of 2021, the currency has further risen over 3 times to over 60,000 USD implying the 100 USD in 2010 will now be worth over 3 million dollars. If you are considering to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies, you should read reviews about the different available currencies on USreviews before making your choice. Here are tips on how you can become a better investor:

Let your portfolio reflects real changes in your life

A lot of people are quick to change their investment portfolio because of some big story in the news or any hot information they heard about stocks. Most of these stories are not reliable and haven’t been confirmed by experts. If you allow yourself to be led by them, you are likely going to fall into error. Only change your portfolio when your financial facts have changed. For instance, you can change your portfolio based on the extra money you get as a result of your promotion than a stock tip in the news.

Accept the bad

In investments, both the good and bad move together. Nobody has the switch that controls the market. The market is determined by a lot of factors, which sometimes, are outside the direct control of anyone. For instance, stocks drop and rises, and recession hits the land. Sometimes, your expectations can be met, while in other cases, you are disappointed by what you see. However, this doesn’t mean you ditch investments altogether. If you cant stomach huge losses, consider having a portfolio.

Be patient

Most investors who fail were not patient enough with their investments. The market rewards patient investors. If you continue to invest in something you are sure would yield greatly, you will be hugely rewarded at the end of the day. However, patience doesn’t mean you are blindly waiting, or too slow to leverage on quick and profitable moves. You should ensure that you have made adequate research about what you want to patiently wait for as an investor. This way, you will not waste your time.

Engage in long-term thinking

Instant gratification is one of the things people seek in investments, but that can be dangerous for your finances. The investments that will last you for a lifetime are mostly long-term. Even though there are investments with short-term returns, instant gratification doesn’t help your portfolio. If you are patient to wait through the whole process, you will experience major growths in the market that will, in turn, give you a higher amount of money.

Control your behavior you largely can’t control your return in investments, you can control your behavior. You don’t have to be an expert or a math genius. All you have to do is keep your investments simple and long-term and don’t give into silly emotions along the way. You can automate some of your financial habits so that you will have agood grip o yourself. Also, don’t let your blood rate rise every time you read bad news.