GCG International Review – Should this Broker Be Recommended?

GCG International i.e. Global Consulting Group International

There is no doubt that trading is a profitable venture. There is plenty of information out there on the internet that can help people in trading in the financial markets. There was a time when it was not so easily accessible, and people did not know what to do for achieving their trading aspirations. As the world becomes more and more digital, online trading has become easier than ever and people can access thousands of instruments that can help them in having a solid investment portfolio. But an important challenge that you will encounter is selecting a credible broker from the numerous options in the industry.

An important thing that you need to realize is that having a reliable broker by your side can greatly enhance your trading experience. This is due to the fact that you don’t have to be constantly worried or stressed about anything, as the broker can be trusted. If you end up with the wrong broker, you will become frustrated and annoyed sooner or later. The simple fact is that the financial markets are littered with hundreds of brokers that promise great bargains to their clients. Some of these brokers do live up to these promises, but you cannot rely on their word alone.

Thus, if you want to find an honest broker, you will have to do your own research. Amidst the numerous brokers that are doing business in the market, you will come across the name of GCG International i.e. Global Consulting Group International. You can have to scrutinize the broker before you agree to sign up with them for your trading needs. It was established by Sage Global LTD in the Marshall Islands and is registered there since 2014. A group of former traders came together for creating this brokerage, which has given it a strong chance to survive and succeed in the market.

GCG International is currently providing their services in four languages for catering to global clients, which are English, German, Polish and Russian. The broker offers forex and CFD trading (Contracts for Difference). The latter doesn’t require traders to purchase an instrument physically and only involves the trading of contracts, allowing them to enjoy a greater variety of instruments for trading.

An Introduction to GCG International

Broker GCG International
Website https://gcginternational.com/
Trading Accounts Demo account, Real account and Islamic account
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Rate and Bonds, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Charting and Analysis, Order types, Economic calendar
Education and Training Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Phone and Email
Security Policy Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies
Parent Company Sage Global LTD

If you cannot determine whether GCG International fits the criteria of a trustworthy broker and can be relied upon, then you need to take a close look at their services and features to make a decision.

  • The security provided at GCG International

The security of funds and personal information is of the utmost importance for any trading enthusiast. If the broker you are using is unsecured, your funds will be at risk and can be stolen by hackers and other cybercriminals on the internet. GCG International keeps up with international standards of customer account segregation. This involves maintaining separate accounts of traders to ensure their funds are not mixed with the broker’s funds. The money deposited by the traders can only be used for their trading activities and not for any of the broker’s own operations. Even if the brokerage goes bankrupt, client funds remain safe and are returned to them.

As for protecting the personal information taken from the clients at various stages of registration, account opening and during the trading process, GCG International has made use of encryption technology. It means that every bit of information is instantly encrypted upon sharing and is no longer vulnerable to theft or misuse.

  • The trading platforms available at GCG International

One of the most important features of any broker is their trading platform. Some brokers are known to develop their own take to provide their clients with a unique solution, but there are some existing platforms that can also be used. The key is to provide an optimal trading platform for a positive experience because one that is shabbily designed can cause a great deal of frustration. GCG International has chosen to offer one of the existing trading platforms in the market i.e. the Meta Trader 4. If you have done any research, then you are probably aware that it is one of the most renowned platforms in the market.

The MT4 software is smooth, user-friendly and comes with a wide range of features that are second to none. Using the MT4 can give your overall experience a solid boost. It can be used for trading numerous instruments through a single dashboard and comes with a multi-language option. There are charting tools available, daily account statements and some of the best analytical tools in the market. You can find all of these features on the MT4 desktop client at GCG International, which you can download on your respective device.

However, it is not the only version of the MT4 that this broker is offering to its clientele. GCG International also has the WebTrader version of the MT4, which is accessed through the web browser. It is compatible with any device supporting a browser and eliminates the hassle of downloading and installation. It also comes with the same powerful tools and features that can result in a seamless trading experience. Moving on, traders are also given the opportunity of downloading the MT4 mobile apps on their smartphones or tablets.

There are traders out there who are constantly on the move and so they want to be able to access the market easily, with minimal fuss. These apps are the ideal solution to this problem and can be found for both iOS and Android devices. They are user-friendly and quite flexible, enabling traders to control their accounts 24/7.

  • Trading instruments you can find at GCG International

Every trader has different goals and expectations when they decide to trade. Some people prefer to invest their capital in a single instrument while others may wish to diversify their portfolios by investing in multiple instruments simultaneously. You need to consider your preferences in order to ensure the broker you select is capable of offering you the assets you wish to trade. As far as GCG International is concerned, this broker doesn’t specialize in just one asset; you will find a wide array of trading instruments. According to the broker, there are more than 5,000 trading instruments that can be traded through their platform. Some of the markets where you can trade CFDs are:

Forex: Major, minor and exotic currency pairs are available to trade including EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY and more.

Indices: Traders who wish to take risks can try their luck in the index market as GCG International offers various indices like NASDAQ, DAX 30, S&P 500 etc.

Stocks: There are stock CFDs of some of the leading corporations in the world available on the broker’s network.

Commodities: You will come across a horde of commodities, such as sugar, crude oil, wheat and more. This is a great option for those who don’t want to try a volatile market.

Cryptocurrency: One of the most popular trading instruments these days is crypto and GCG International has added this to their asset index. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum are just some of the options available.

  • The account options devised by GCG International

It has become a standard for brokers to offer different account types on their platforms for accommodating traders from different backgrounds and levels. The same is applicable to GCG International as well. They have also come up with account options that you can check before choosing one that meets your needs. Check out the options below:

Demo Account

Trading is not exactly a piece of cake, but it is a skill that you can master with some practice and effort. But, how do you practice and put your knowledge to the test? This is where a demo account can be incredibly helpful for traders. This account is like a practice account where traders can use virtual money for trying out their moves. They can understand the risks they will be facing in the market and how trades are executed. You can also test the broker’s trading platform through this account.

GCG International has added this account to their offerings and beginners can take full advantage of it to become acquainted. Even seasoned traders can test new strategies and moves without risking their valuable money.

Real Account

As clear from the name, the real account at GCG International is the one where you actually trade. It is not the same as the demo account because here you use real money for trading. You can access the real account at any time with the broker. If you want, you can first start with the demo account and then switch to a real one. The minimum deposit requirement for this account is set at $250 and it allows scalping. The traders are also provided with account managers to give them guidance and providing any assistance they might need. Leverage of about 1:500 is provided, and spreads start at 0.2, which are good trading conditions for any trader.

Islamic Account

Muslim traders have some religious requirements to follow when they are trading. In order to comply with Sharia law, they cannot partake in trades involving swap or rollover rates associated with overnight positions. The Islamic account at GCG International is designed for such traders, which means they will be able to make interest free trades and enjoy the benefits of trading.

  • Account Verification Process at GCG International

After you have explored the account choices and made your decision about which one to open, you need to know the verification process as well. This is necessary to complete before you can start trading at GCG International. It is part of the broker’s security and safety measures, as required by international regulatory standards. As part of the verification procedure, all traders who sign up with the broker have to comply with the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies.

These policies are designed to verify the identity of a trader to ensure they are legitimate profiles and don’t intend to use the broker’s platform for any illegal or nefarious activity. Compliance with these policies means that traders will have to provide proof of identity (POI) and proof of residence (POR). Identity can be proven by submitting a scanned copy of a government-issued ID card, such as passport, driver’s license or national ID card. Any of these documents would suffice for this purpose.

To prove your residence, you will be asked to provide a utility bill, either gas, electricity or water, a bank statement or a credit card bill. Traders should ensure that these documents shouldn’t be more than three months old. After you have provided these documents, GCG International will verify them and then your account will be approved.

  • Banking methods at GCG International

You will have to deposit money when you wish to trade and would want to withdraw your earnings later on, once you have made profits. To do both, you need to consider what banking methods a broker is providing to you. GCG International has kept things simple in this regard with the broker offering a few options to choose from. The choices begin with the traditional bank wire transfer and moves onto the more modern option of debit and credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. In fact, online payment methods have also found their way on the broker’s platform. Deposits are usually completed instantly, depending on the payment method whereas withdrawal requests receive approval within 24 hours.

Final Verdict

If you are wondering whether this broker is recommended or not, the aforementioned features of GCG International indicate that it is capable of providing the right trading services you need.