Gaze Coin Launches World’s First ‘VR Ad-Tech’ Blockchain Token that Monetizes ‘Gaze’ Eye Tracking


Blockchain virtual and augmented reality monetization platform Gaze Coin has announced the launch of the world’s first blockchain ‘Ad Tech’ token for VR/AR based entirely on gaze control and eye tracking. Gaze Coin is a revolutionary monetization and ad-tech solution for VR & AR platform, measuring and employing user gaze as a unit of exchange among advertisers, content owners, creators, and users.

Using patent-registered technology, Gaze Coin calculates the exact amount of time users spend either looking at or immersed inside content. Blockchain technology makes it possible to create a micro-transaction whereby advertisers incentivize users for the time they spend immersed in content and where all user interactions with content are tracked and monetized.

The transactions are handled seamlessly and securely in real-time using decentralized, immutable blockchain technology. The blockchain-related patent application protects the company’s ability to audit and provide provenance of gaze measurements and virtual content to create micro-payments based on gaze eye-tracking measurements.

“As blockchain technology continues to impact across every industry, its very important for Gaze Coin to protect our technology, especially as commercial opportunities begin to evolve,” said Gaze Coin founder Jonny Peters.

The Ethereum-compatible Gaze Coin token, or GZE, and larger platform solve many of the major hurdles for advertisers in VR/AR, including the ability to calculate precise ROI on branded VR/AR campaigns, collect consumer behavior data and evolve the ad format from interruptive ads that obstruct immersion towards more native, engaging formats. Gaze Coin also solves copyright tracking issues for content rights holders in VR/AR, allowing owners to track content throughout its lifecycle as it is consumed, changed (remixed, versioned, addended), licensed, transferred or sunsetted.

“For too long, VR/AR monetisation has been constrained by last-century models that work for web and mobile, but miss the mark terribly in VR/AR, where literally everything you see or touch can be monetised.” continued Gaze Coin founder, Jonny Peters.

“Gaze Coin has been designed to bridge the gap between the promise of virtual worlds and the ability for brands and content owners to capitalise on it, at the heart of how the medium is actually consumed.”

To support the full development of the monetized, blockchain-powered VR platform, Gaze Coin have planned a crowdfunding token sale campaign this November. The token sale will look to crowdfund US$35M over a 4 week period and issue participants with their share of 100 million GZE utility tokens. This will initially be funded through a SAFT platform where accredited investors can take part later this week.

“As consumers increasingly embrace VR and AR, they expect brands and media companies to be there with innovative content to capture their imagination.” Peters continued. “Gaze Coin provides the infrastructural backbone of the VR/AR creative economy, delivering the security, parity, exchange mechanisms and material incentive for all stakeholders to ensure creativity can flourish.”

Gaze Coin’s white paper, the holy grail of blockchain application for monetization of VR/AR, outlines a detailed description of their vision, the market, development roadmap and the upcoming token sale of its GZE tokens is available here.

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3 Replies to “Gaze Coin Launches World’s First ‘VR Ad-Tech’ Blockchain Token that Monetizes ‘Gaze’ Eye Tracking”

  1. In VR when you look in a particular direction, you trigger content using what’s called ‘Gaze Control’. So when you look at an ad, it triggers and the flow on effect from this is enormous. Measuring and monetising this through the block chain is whats unique – as it takes the idea of gaze control and makes it something that can be bought and sold across virtual worlds. Gaze Coin monetises the very thing that drives both the consumption and creation of VR worlds . This really is meant to be a game changer .. I have been producing VR for as long as anyone and the fact that there is no customised monetisation is the reason why VR hasn’t been able to expand to realise its true potential (just yet) .

  2. The blockchain is superfluous to the basic product you are offering. If you have a fun VR/AR world that people use, and can allow advertisements, perhaps that would work. But but the blockchain merely makes an already vague ROI proposition for advertising even vaguer (as if they can monitor or put into context your ‘gaze’ metrics).

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