Gaining a good insight into the NIO stock price

NIO is one of the leading Chinese players in the field of Electric Vehicles. Established in 2014 and based out of Shanghai, it has come from being a simple manufacturer to one of the participants in the FIA Formula E championship under the category of single-seater and all EV vehicle. Its development accelerated in 2016 when it got the permit of Autonomous Vehicle Testing Program and was hence allowed to run its products on the roads. By 2020, it had already registered for the IPO at the New York Stock Exchange.

Thus, the upcoming content discusses in detail about NIO stock price and its recent performance.

NIO stock price

The key indices

The following enlists down the key parameters that need to be known before discussing the overall stock performance of NIO in the market:

  • Market open and close at USD 41.12 and USD 45.58 respectively
  • Previous day market close at USD 44.56
  • Pre-market evaluation at USD 47.07
  • Net increase in NAV by USD 1.02 and 2.29% respectively
  • The 52-week range of USD 1.77 to 54.20
  • One-day range of USD 41.10-45.85

Deciphering the performance

The following are the key takeaways from these metrics to determine the overall NIO stock price:

  • The demand for NIO products has been on a significant high due to the new fad of electric vehicles and has hence recorded a gain of more than 300% year to date in terms of the overall performance. The same is expected to rise further till the year-end and is hence a prediction from the analysts that it would outperform the projected values.
  • The generation of revenue of USD 526 million in the Q2 of 2020 (139% year on year growth) and vehicle sales of USD 493.4 million (146% year on year growth) have allowed the analysts to put the stock under the category of buy (i.e. high profits to the investors who buy and retain these stocks for a longer period).
  • The trade grade A tag has been offered to it due to the recent rolling of five-seater electric SUV in the market. It has been garnered quite well by the auto lovers and is expected to have a good demand in the forthcoming years.
  • The buy and hold grade has been kept at B due to the raising of USD 1.73 billion from IPO and business agreements with the strategic investors to enhance its cashflow and overall operational efficiency of delivering in the market.
  • It has also gained the tag of Peer Group A due to its outshining performance when compared to other e-vehicle players (even the likes of BMW and Mercedes).

Thus, on an ending note, the impressive performance has put up the NIO stocks under buy mode and it is expecting new heights of growth owing to expanding sales network, user community care, and cheaper benchmarking when compared to the competitors.  You can check more information like cash flow at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.