Finantiko Review – Choose a Good Broker for Profitable Trading


The trading market is not a new find. We have been hearing news about the stock market or the foreign exchange market for years, but it seemed too complicated to most. However, things have taken a turn in the last decade or so. After all, technological progress has changed everything during this time and the trading space also evolved with technology. Today, a lot of people who couldn’t have imagined being part of the trading world are actually trading full-time and some have chosen to indulge in it part-time. This is because it has become more accessible to them than it was previously, and people have come to realize the potential it offers.

Some of the richest people in the world made their fortunes in this space and so, it has attracted the interest of many. The forex market and the stock market are known for generating high profits, but the appeal of trading increased tenfold due to cryptocurrencies. In 2017, the crypto market surged beyond imagination and people made millions from their investments. Since then, traders have been entering the market in droves in dreams of replicating the same success. As there are low barriers to entry, it isn’t very difficult for anyone to start trading.

You don’t need any education, experience or degree to trade. Neither do you need to have a huge capital at your disposal. What you do need is a good and solid broker that can offer you the platform, tools, features and services you may require during the trading process. With the influx of people in the market, the number of brokers has also increased exponentially. This means that you have plenty of options to choose from, but not all of these options are the same. You cannot just pick any broker that pops in front of you because they may not be a good choice.

Some brokers may be unable to provide you the right tools while others may cater to a specific class of traders and so on. These differences exist and you should know them beforehand in order to avoid the inconvenience of having to switch brokerages later on. This would just waste your time and increase your frustration because you would miss a ton of trading opportunities. Hence, doing your research beforehand into a broker is the best way to ensure you pick the right one in the first go.

One of the options that you will come across in the market is Finantiko. Specializing in CFD-trading, Finantiko offers its website in two languages: English and Polish. This broker is offering its clients the opportunity of investing in a wide array of trading instruments, allowing them to enjoy a diversified portfolio for making the most of their trading activities. They claim to provide a good platform, top-notch trading tools and impressive spreads that can lure in any trader, but do they really live up to it? The only way to find the answer is to take a close look. Let’s get started:

Finantiko at a Glance

Broker Finantiko
Trading Accounts Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Economic Calendar, Pip Calculator, Live Market Hours, Margin Calculator, Fibonacci Sequence and Risk Management Tools
Education and Training Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Web Contact Form and Email
Security Policy Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies
Parent Company Finantiko

Polskie: Finantiko Review – Co powinieneś o tym wiedzieć o tym Brokerze?

As mentioned earlier, Finantiko is a broker that offers Contract for Difference (CFDs) trading to its clients. They allow traders to participate in some of the biggest financial markets in the world, but without having to purchase any asset physically. Instead, they trade contracts based on the underlying asset and the predicted movements in price. They have been around for a few years and are offering their services to different kinds of traders, regardless of whether they are newbies or experienced traders. The broker is compliant with the Directives of Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID) which means they provide regulated and licensed financial services to their clients. They also comply with all essential regulatory standards to create an optimal trading environment.

Finantiko’s Asset Index

When you are thinking about signing up with a broker, there are certain things that require your attention. It is not possible and not recommended that traders choose a broker without checking out their asset index. Whether you want to trade a specific asset, or you are interested in trying out different instruments, you should check the broker’s asset index to ensure they fit the bill. Finantiko has done a good job in this regard because they have put together an impressive range of assets that belong to various financial markets. Some of the top ones that you will find are:

  • Currencies: The first prominent offering that you will come across on Finantiko is that of currencies. The forex market is the world’s biggest market by trading volume and has numerous opportunities to offer to traders. Thousands of traders have managed to make a fortune via trading in this market and this broker presents you with major and minor currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, GBP/CHF, NZD/USD and GBP/CAD. In fact, exotic choices like USD/RUB and USD/MXN are also available.
  • Stocks: Essentially, stocks are small portions of a company and Finantiko has given its clients the opportunity to trade stock CFDs. Bear in mind that since they are CFDs, you are not entitled to receive any dividend on these stocks. The broker has put together stocks of some of the most renowned companies in the world like Disney, Apple, Boeing, Coke, Intel, Facebook and Pfizer.
  • Indices: If you prefer trading a bunch of stocks together instead of individually, the index market is where you go and Finantiko has added the world’s top indices to ensure its clients will be able to earn maximum profits through this form of trading. Some of the indices that you will be able to trade through this broker are CAC 40, FTSE 100, Dow Jones and DAX30.
  • Commodities: Very similar to stock trading, commodities are a low-risk option for traders who don’t like volatility in their investments. They can provide a higher portfolio diversity because Finantiko offers both soft commodities and hard commodities. The former comprises of agricultural items like wheat, cotton, corn and coffee whereas the latter includes precious metals like gold, silver, palladium and energies like crude oil.
  • Cryptocurrencies: One of the most recent additions that Finantiko has made to their asset index is that of cryptocurrencies, one of the most-demanded assets in the world. People left and right want to invest in cryptocurrencies these days and, so the broker has added choices like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple to its platform to enable its clients to do so.

With these options, it is possible for traders to diversify their investment portfolio, or they can choose to trade a single instrument until they are ready to expand.

Finantiko’s Registration

If you are thinking about using a broker’s services, you have probably wondered about what you will need to do in order to start trading. Put simply, a broker will ask you to register with them and then open an account. The registration process can vary for every broker; some tend to ask for a lot of details and information before approving your request while others may not create that many complications. You would obviously prefer the latter because this is less time consuming and there is no point in sharing more than necessary. Finantiko also falls in this category because the broker has kept their registration process concise and simple for everyone.

Even if you are a newcomer, you will not have any problems in registering or open an account. All you have to do is visit Finantiko’s website and you can sign up for free on their platform. No fee is charged for registration or for account opening. The registration form itself is short and doesn’t take you more than a couple minutes to complete. You will be asked to share your first name, last name, phone number and country, email address and the password you want to use. The broker then asks you to agree with their Terms and Conditions that are highlighted on their website. You can go over these conditions before you agree, to make sure you know what you are getting into.

When you have completed this form, you will be registered straight away and there will be no approval process involved. You can then move onto choosing an account to open with Finantiko.

Finantiko’s Account Types

Just like brokers are different, so are traders. Two traders with the same experience or knowledge may not have the same risk-tolerance. Some people enjoy jumping into risky trades while others prefer to play it safe. Similarly, everyone has different reasons for trading, and it can also influence their trading style. To accommodate traders with different styles, brokers come up with various account types and traders can explore these options to choose one they are comfortable with. You will see the same at Finantiko as the broker has come up with four unique account types for its clientele.

While a lot of brokers follow this practice, what makes Finantiko different from the others is that they are offering not just unique features under every account but have also customized the spreads that traders can enjoy in each account. They might be on the high side for beginner traders, but as they invest more and update account types, they will be able to benefit from lower and tighter spreads. The account types that you will find with this broker are:

  • Bronze: The first account at Finantiko has been created for newcomers in the market who don’t have any experience in the trading world. They need only basically features because they are just getting acquainted with how everything works and don’t know how to use advanced tools as yet. Therefore, this account includes 24/7 live support, an online financial course, one-on-one training for guidance and a trade size of 0.01. Under this account, traders can trade metals, energies, forex major and minor pairs and world indices, but agricultures are not available as yet.
  • Gold: The second account option that has been added by Finantiko is one meant for traders who do have some experience in the market. They are not complete newbies but have reached beginner level. So, the broker gives them access to e-books for improving their knowledge and now agriculture items can also be traded. The trading size is also increased to 0.1.
  • Platinum: Meant for intermediate traders who have added some experience and knowledge under their belt, the Platinum account at Finantiko offers extra features to its users. They can now attend webinars that are conducted by experts for guidance and can also tap into the expertise of an analyst manager. For this account, the trading size is set at 0.2.
  • Diamond: The fourth account that Finantiko has come up with is meant for seasoned and expert traders. Under this account, traders can access all features of the other accounts and some additional ones as well. They will now have a bigger trading size of 0.5 and free VPS service at their disposal as well.

As far as the spreads are concerned, they are different for every account option and Finantiko has provided a complete chart of the spreads you will be charged for numerous assets under each account option. You can visit their website to access this chart and then choose an account. Apart from these options, the broker is also offering its users the ability of opening a demo account first. This is a practice account that allows traders to try out trades with virtual currency first, before opening an account with their actual money. It is also a way to test the broker’s offerings and spreads. Islamic accounts are also offered by Finantiko for catering to Muslim traders.

Finantiko’s Trading Platform

One of the most prominent features of a broker is their trading platform; this is their main offering because without this software, you will not be able to conduct trades in the market or do much else. Signing up with a broker without checking what trading platform they are offering is not a good idea because all brokers don’t have the same platform. Similarly, not every platform can deliver a solid performance. There have been platforms that lack important security features or don’t have enough trading tools to help traders. Some have also been known to be too slow and this causes users to not be able to execute trades in time to make profits or avoid losses.

When you are considering Finantiko, you will be pleased to know that the broker has not restricted you to one option for a trading platform. They are offering different versions of their trading platform to ensure every trader is able to find a comfortable option. The broker is offering the Sirix trading platform, which is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and powerful features. You can find three versions of Sirix that Finantiko is currently offering to its traders and these options are:

  • Sirix Station: This is the Sirix desktop trading platform that you can download on your PC or any device of your choosing. You will be able to access all its features, no matter on which device you download it on. With this platform, traders will be able to enjoy one-click trading and since it is user-friendly, there is no need to worry about a learning curve. The best thing about the desktop platform is that it comes with a high level of customization, so you can make adjustments as per your preferences. In addition, there are a ton of trading tools available, which include economic calendar, market news, charting tools and trading indicators.
  • Sirix Web: If you prefer to use a trading platform that doesn’t have to be downloaded, Finantiko has added the Sirix web option. This enables you to use the trading platform directly through the web browser via the broker’s own website. The software is user-friendly and grants you instant access to the trading market. Just because it is a web platform doesn’t mean it lacks in any way; it makes use of the same powerful technology and offers the same trading tools and features for easy trading.
  • Sirix Mobile: The last option that Finantiko has added is for modern traders who no longer like to be tied to once device or place for their trading needs. Trading on the go has become a popular trend because mobile trading apps can now be developed. Finantiko offers Android and iOS apps for the Sirix platform that have a simplified interface and can be used for trading from anywhere. You can take trade actions instantly and use it smoothly without any issues, no matter where you are. It gives you full access to your trading account 24/7.

Finantiko’s Learning Opportunities

An important thing every trader should remember is that if they want to succeed in the trading market, they need to improve and grow their knowledge constantly. When you are new to the world of trading, there is a lot you need to learn and know, but even when you have experience, this process continues. The only problem that most people encounter is lack of availability of reliable learning material. Even though there are lots of sources on the internet, not all can be deemed trustworthy and accurate. Well-aware of this problem, Finantiko has put together some resources and materials for its clients.

When you opt for this broker, you will be able to get in touch with trading experts who are ready to guide you about the different aspects of trading. Finantiko offers educational materials, which include online financial courses and e-books that can provide in-depth information about the financial markets. There are trading tutorials that can be found and specific market analysis also available to assist traders in decision making. Webinars are also conducted by experts to help experienced traders in adjusting their trading strategies and eliminating the mistakes they are making.

You can also receive training from experts and account managers are provided to help in managing your portfolio. Apart from that, Finantiko also gives its clients the option of social trading upon request. With this feature, traders are able to copy the traders of other more experienced and skilled traders and learn from their strategies. All of these can go a long way in helping beginners succeed in the market.

Finantiko’s Customer Support

It is understood that when you sign up with a broker and start using their platform, you will encounter some challenges. These could be technical difficulties with the trading platform, or you could have general queries about their procedures and what not. No matter what the case, you will require assistance and you don’t want to wait for too long to get it. Any delay could result in losses for a trader and to ensure it doesn’t happen, a number of support options have been incorporated by Finantiko.

To get in touch with their representatives, you are given an email address on their website. If you don’t prefer that option, you can try filling out the online contact form you will find. The broker also offers 24/7 live support for resolving problems as soon as possible. Their agents are helpful and have knowledge of the trading market, which allows them provide solutions to a range of problems, as quickly and effectively as possible.


Finantiko has also been transparent about their trading fees and charges and they have added easy payment solutions to their clients to simplify the trading process. Most importantly, the broker has not made any mistakes where security measures are concerned because it understands the risks that traders face nowadays. Hence, Finantiko can turn out to be a good and dependable broker for traders and allow them to trade profitably.