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Through the use of internet, many of the traders are able to earn a great deal of livelihood for them and for the betterment of their families and for the improvement of their lifestyles. The reason why they are thriving in achieving their trading ambitions in pursuit of their careers is that they managed to engage right people for the job who were able to put them on the path of success. A big question then arises, who are those right people on the job. The answer is online brokerage firms.

But even out of these online brokerage firms, only a handful which remain quite popular and prominent and one such online brokerage is CoiniBank. Since its launch in the arena of online trading industry CoiniBank has helped thousands of traders in becoming professional traders as well as successful traders and has been creating a huge difference in the field of online trading industry by producing most lucrative result oriented outcomes for its customers.

Limiting its brokerage services to the extent of Forex and CFD, it has put CoiniBank in the top position amongst its competitors and today is known to be a leader in the Forex, CFD, Commodities and Indices markets. While others make big promises but remain unable to fulfill them because neither they have the advanced tools and trading platform, nor do they have highly trained and experienced staff and personnel who can look after the needs of the customers. While on the other hand CoiniBank has been able to deliver much more than what it had promised for.

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Providing of powerful, state of the art, user-friendly as well as a fair-trading platform by CoiniBank played a big role in developing CoiniBank into an organization whose services are lauded not only by the local traders but by global traders as well. Today the traders of CoiniBank not only participate in trading activities in products such as currencies, commodities, indices, CFDs etc., instead they can also derive benefits from one-on-one training and education services rendered by the experts of CoiniBank and can enjoy 24/7 customer support and assistance if they are faced with any difficult or issue.

Let us learn more about the features of CoiniBank.

Advantage over other traders

For over 25 years in the field of online trading, CoiniBank continues to serve its customers with the help of its team which is made up of highly experienced experts from and within the fields of foreign exchange trading. The team of experts of CoiniBank comprise of experts who are fully equipped to reshape skills and talents of the CoiniBank customers through creativity and advancement. This highly experienced team of professionals of CoiniBank shares the same passion of always rise above their jobs so as to provide more useful insight, analysis and data which can then help the customers to indulge in profitable trading.

CoiniBank gives utmost importance to the needs and requirements of its customers which gives them an edge over its competitors who struggle to keep with the requirements of their customers and as a result end up losing them. CoiniBank takes a proud because it has not only retained its customers but also there is a huge increase in the cliental over the years which would not have been possible if CoiniBank wouldn’t have provided the services which it has promised for.

It is a trading platform for everyone, irrespective of cast, creed and culture, and no matter how big or small the size of the investment is. What matters is that every client is as important as any other and this is why today CoiniBank is universally well-known as the first-choice brokerage firm amongst the traders of all levels.

CoiniBank is the safe keeper of your investment, data and confidential information and this is why it has ensured that the customers of CoiniBank have an outstanding experience while they are using its platform which is free from the threats of unauthorized access, data mining, software malfunction and theft of funds, which are otherwise very commonly seen as a major problem with other online brokerage firms which resultantly considerably reduced their businesses and in worth cases, they were forced to complete shut down their businesses.

Setting Up of a Trading Account

Opening an account with banks and organization is quite burdensome which entails signing of various papers and forms and meeting the agents of the banks time and again and even after going through all this hassle one cannot be rest assured that he will be allowed to open up an account with the bank or the organization because not being able to provide even a slightest information, there is likelihood that a person will need to go through the time taking process once again.

On the other hand, signing up with CoiniBank is as easy as eating a pie. Setting up an account with CoiniBank does not require a person to go through various papers, forms and since CoiniBank is an online brokerage, therefore, a person may need not to appear in person or hold a meeting with the agents of the brokerage for setting up a trading account. As a matter of fact, by following few simple steps and providing only a very short information, after verification of the details anyone can easily sign up with CoiniBank and start using it instantly.

The verification is must because in this way end-to-end relationship between the broker and the customer is secured. This verification can be provided to CoiniBank in the form of national identity card, driving license, passport or any utility bill as well as bank statement. The only condition precedent to open account with CoiniBank is that the user has to be over 18 years otherwise the person will not be entitled to open the desired trading account.

Due to the convenience being offered in online trading, for over two decades online trading industry has been witnessing a huge surge where the numbers of online traders continue to grow rampantly with each day passing by. In order for the online brokerage firms to look after the needs of the ever-growing customers, this necessitated upon them to introduce multiple trading accounts which best suits the specific needs of the customers. Similarly, CoiniBank has the following trading accounts which are available for sign up by the customers which are explicitly designed to meet the requirements of every type of trader.


The preliminary trading account being offered by CoiniBank is Basic account which can be signed up with an initial deposit of $250 only and comes with the facility of account manager and access to education centre and is best suited for the novice traders in order for them to get acquainted with how trading works. At the time of sign up the user is entitled to receive 20% as welcome bonus and can also avail 24/5 customer support exclusively.


Then there is “Standard” account which is yet again best suited for average traders and can be availed off with the initial deposit of $2,500 is a prototype of Basic account with the only difference being that the welcome bonus is increased to 25% from 20%.


The third trading account is “Silver” account which requires $5,000 as initial deposit and has 30% welcome bonus. The distinct and interesting feature of this account is the facility of having a senior account manager on trader’s side who plays a very crucial role in taking care of increasing trading volumes. The holder of this account can also enjoy the facility of live webinar with the experts of CoiniBank so as to educate them in terms of trading and apprising them with the ongoing trends in the trading market industry.


Surpassing the Basic, Standard and Silver account, a trader has now entered the arena of professional traders and in order to cater the specific needs of the professional traders, CoiniBank has introduced “Gold” account which is the fourth account type of trading account. This account can be signed up with an initial deposit of upto $10,000 comes with features such as attending of one-on-one live sessions with trading experts and analysts through which a trader can learn a great deal and acquire much needed knowledge about the trading industry.

While being entitled to the welcome bonus upto 40%, an owner of Gold account has the facility where no sort of fee is charged upon withdrawal of deposited funds.


Piercing a little deeper in the online trading industry, the fifth account type is the “Platinum” account. Without any doubt CoiniBank has too much to offer to its valuable customers because this is an account which has been explicitly established to cater for the special requirements of phenomenal traders for amazing trading experience. It requires an initial deposit of $25,000 which means having comfortable size of investment available at all times, a trader can catch a big fish at any time because in investment it is believed that what is comfortable is more profitable.

It has 50% welcome bonus and contains all the features that are available in Basic, Standard, Silver and Gold accounts and also comes along with providing of VIP services, the experience of which cannot be compared with any other trading account.

VIP Account

The last account to be looked for is called “VIP” account and as the name suggests it is very much designed for the VIP traders who have excelled beyond in their trading careers and possess the ability to make every trade win in their favour. They are in fact the writers of their own fate. VIP account can be owned by deposit $50,000 and comes up with all the features as are collectively provided in other trading accounts of CoiniBank.

Being a VIP trader, requires special treatment by CoiniBank where the trader can have daily personal trading sessions, no withdrawal fee at all and above all also provides a free Saving Account in which the ratio of sharing is @ 1.8% to 3%.

Getting to know the anomaly

The anomaly in the accounts as has been seen widespread is that many of the online brokerage firms rather requires a very minimal deposit and do not provide multiple choices in account selection but rather, they have only one or two trading accounts. This becomes very doubtful if you are a professional trader because no wonder there are many ill-intended so called brokerage service providers and calling them “service providers” is disgraceful because in reality they are ill-motivated people after your money and you will online realize when you request for withdrawal of your money and gets refused or either does not receive any response at all.

However, over the years, on the basis of its tireless efforts to provide the trading experience of lifetime to its customers, CoiniBank has been successful in eliminating this anomaly and rise above the expectations of its customers which simultaneously has in return helped CoiniBank to grow immensely and reaching out to far flung traders residing in every country of the world.

Trading Products

Once a trader has successfully signed up by depositing the required initial deposit, this means that the trader knows in what trading products he would like to trade in and now he is ready to take a roller coaster ride with CoiniBank and dive into the world of trading. There are not just plenty but thousands of different trading products available to trade online but of course there are a few which remain to be high in demand and most lucrative trading products. Currently there are the following trading products in which thousands of CoiniBank’s customers have made their mark and earned huge profits over the years. These products are: –


Forex trading is known by all and involves buying, selling and exchanging of currencies relating to countries of the world. If a trader is buying a currency, then it is must that he will be selling another to complete the trade. Normally the currencies are traded in pairs which each country’s currency is known from its distinct name for example USD represents currency of United States of America and EUR and GBP is used for Europe and Great Britain respectively. The fluctuation of prices between currency pairs determines the profitability and loss therein.

From the platform of CoiniBank, its traders can conduct their forex trading in approximately over 60 different currency pairs in which USD-EUR remains at the top seat amongst all other currency pairs. CoiniBank also offers tight spreads, low margins and leverage upto 200:1


Soft commodities such as wheat, sugar, cocoa, beef, mutton, dairy products, edible etc. and items such as Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and precious metals, which are part of hard commodities, can be traded in from the platform of CoiniBank. Even the items used for energy industries (i.e. gas, fuel, natural gas) are also available for trade in commodity trading. A trader of CoiniBank, who finds these commodity trading items promising, can safely trade in these items without or without the expert opinion from the personnel of CoiniBank before initiating the trade.


It is true that there are some organizations and companies which are well-recognized and appreciated by the entire world and as a matter of fact everyone are aware of them. The presence of these mega organizations is consistently allowing the stocks industry to grow to an extent where the profits are unimaginable. In stocks trading, the stocks of companies, whether big or small, are made available for trade.

Currently in the global market there are very popular organizations such as BMW, HP, Apple, Loreal, Nintendo, Vodafone, Amazon, Volkswagen, Barclays, FIAT and many more who need no introduction and every trader knows that acquiring a tiny piece of share in these organizations can guarantee huge returns on investment. Apart from exploring stocks markets of entire world, a CoiniBank trader can buy stocks of all these mega organizations and when he feels that he is ready to cash out his investment he can do it there and then while ensuring that he hears a great deal of profits.


Another very lucrative type of trading product is known to be “Indices”. A vast majority of CoiniBank customers/traders are taking part in Indices trading and it is true that many thousands of its customers have managed to earn a great deal of profits by successful trading in Indices. While trading in Indices from the platform of CoiniBank, the traders can also trade in world’s major indices markets of the world such as FTSE, NASDAQ, DOW, S&P, DAX, Nikkie and much more where the trader has complete liberty to invest how much he wants.

CoiniBank’s unique and exceptional trading platform

For the transactions to process and complete end-to-end, online trading requires the use of trading platforms. The availability of trading platforms play a very crucial role in the survivability of any online brokerage firm and is a must have feature and in case the brokerage firm is able to provide the advanced platforms for trading purposes, then it is essential that it should not be left unchecked. This is because the tools of trading platforms are subject to various updates, changes and advancements.

So far CoiniBank has ensured that its customers are offered to use an advanced trading platform which guarantees timely execution of trading transactions as well as provide the users with the uptodate data and information. The trading platform of CoiniBank can be directly accessed online and does not require any downloading which in the case of other brokerages could be quite annoying and sometimes the downloaded software malfunctions and fails to perform according to its intended purpose.

Once a trader logs into his account with CoiniBank, he can instantly start using this web-based trading platform where he can go through extensive data, analysis and can stay connected at all times with the changing trends in the online trading industry. The use of this trading platform is made so simple and user-friendly that it can be downloaded on mobile devices as well as on internet-based devices so as to allow the user to derive exclusive benefits irrespective of wherever he is. In this way the trader never misses out to look into any available trading opportunity.

What if CoiniBank gives you services of a bank?

Howsoever impossible it seems but the fact is it is possible. While signing up with any of the available trading accounts with CoiniBank, a trader can also opt to own a saving account in which he can save his money in the same way as that of a customer of bank. Thereafter, a trader of CoiniBank is entitled to interest @ 0.5% to 3% upto 24 months period. Isn’t it something great? Supposing a trader of CoiniBank is not able to invest his deposited money in any trading opportunity, even then he is able to make a handful of profit in the shape of earing interest on his investment lying in saving account.

As a matter of fact, a trader CoiniBank can simultaneously maintain and operate both i.e. trading account as well as saving account and of course the rate of interest being offered by CoiniBank is much higher than any bank of the world. So, consider if your brokerage becomes a bank for you, then is it not a twin source of income under one roof?


The reality is that the local as well as the global customers/traders of CoiniBank are/have been benefitting from customizable charts to in-depth analysis as well as from its being an online brokerage service provider to render services of a bank till providing the precise trading signals, tight spreads (on the basis of cheaper fee as commission) and earning much higher rates on maintaining saving account. And above all, the customers/traders of CoiniBank can use the advanced and user-friendly tools to take advantage over other traders in the field of trading while ensuring that their investment is in safe hands, theft free and the tools are free from defect, malfunction and unauthorized access. What else a trader would ask for!