CoinePro Review – Beginning your Trading Journey Easily


Are you thinking of making an investment? There are lots of factors to consider in order to generate the returns you want through any investment opportunity. Obviously, no one will ever make any investment with the intention of making a loss, but the problem is that if you don’t have your priorities right, a loss will be inevitable. It is important to bear in mind that every business venture carries a risk and it is magnified when you are thinking of moving into the financial markets. There are tons of investment opportunities that you will find here, but the volatility of trading instruments and these markets can add onto your risk.

However, it is important to remember that the 21st century has revolutionized the traditional form of trading in the financial markets. Gone are the days when you had only a handful of assets for trading and had to venture out in order to find a broker and getting started. These days, people will find a lot of convenience because they don’t have to step out of the comfort of their homes to begin their trading journey. Moreover, they no longer have limited opportunities to explore because thousands of trading instruments have been added over the years. These include foreign currency, stocks, cryptocurrency, indices, metals and commodities.

Interesting, every single financial instrument has its own profit potential and can enable investors to generate a high return on investment, as long as they do things right. Like the variation in trading instruments, the types of traders in the financial markets are also diverse and everyone will have different goals they wish to achieve. Some traders will prefer to channel their strategies and energy into a single financial instrument while others may prefer to diversify their portfolio by trying their luck in multiple instruments that are available in the market.

No matter what group you fall into, it is still possible to earn a profit. You should bear in mind that a mistake on your part can result in losses in the financial markets. Therefore, it is vital for every trader to equip themselves with the top trading tools in the market and know the best strategies. The challenge here is that this is something impossible for a trader to do on their own; they need a broker to assist them in this process. This broker provides traders with a platform through which they execute their trades in the financial market.

Every broker in the market can be distinguished on the basis of their trading platform, trading tools, financial assets and other essential services that can help traders in the financial markets. You will come across an abundance of brokerage firms in the financial markets nowadays, especially because of the popularity of trading these days. But it is important to remember that not every broker can offer you everything you need. Just like traders, brokers are also different, and they need to be evaluated carefully before you make your decision to use their services.

Obviously, your priority would be to find an experienced, reliable and legitimate broker, but this doesn’t mean that anyone who falls in this category can be opted for. No matter how trustworthy, authentic and experienced a broker may be, you still need to assess them thoroughly to ensure they can give you what you are looking for. This could be best trading conditions, an easy-to-use trading platform or the variety of assets. This will save you from headaches in the future because you will not have to start looking for another broker any time soon when you make the right decision.

One of the brokers that you will find in the market is CoinePro. This is a European financial services provider and brokerage firm that has focused especially on the Forex market and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) trading. Before you select this broker, you need to know some basics about it.

An Overview of CoinePro

Broker Coinepro
Trading Accounts Micro Account, Standart Account and Premium Account
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Stock Indices, Metals, Shares, Commodities and Cryptocurrency CFDs
Trading Tools Currency Converter, Economic Calendar, Forex Converter, Risk Management Tools, Trader’s Guide and Rating of Central Banks
Education and Training Yes
Customer Support 24 hours a day, five days a week
Security Policy Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policy
Parent Company CoinePro

Coinepro claims to be a customer-oriented brokerage and was established by a group of expert traders who had more than adequate knowledge of the financial markets and its dynamics. They have used their firsthand experience in these markets to develop Coinepro and have not restricted their services to one group of traders. Whether you are a beginner in the market or someone with experience, you can use their services without any hassle. The broker also offers you a wide array of financial instruments that you can trade and earn profits. The purpose of adding this variety is to ensure that every trader is able to find an instrument they are interested in and can maintain a balanced portfolio.

While knowing the basics about the broker is helpful, you need to consider each and every single aspect of their services to make your decision. Let’s take a look at what Coinepro has to offer:

Trading Instruments that you can Invest in

If you take a look at their asset index, you will come to know that there are around 1,235 trading instruments that you can trade through CoinePro. These instruments are divided into different asset categories and enable traders to diversify their investment portfolio as much as they want. Some of the top assets that you can trade through the CoinePro platform are:

–          Forex

First and foremost, the forex exchange market is one of the biggest markets in the world, particularly in terms of liquidity. Its daily trading volume exceeds $5 trillion and there are hundreds of currency pairs that can be traded. The forex market is available 24/7 and CoinePro has ensured that its clients can access this market through their platform. You can try out different currency pairs, such as major, minor and even some exotic ones that are highly volatile. Some examples of currency pairs include EUR/GBP, EUR/USD and GBP/USD. You will also find some tools that can be immensely useful for currency trading.

–          Indices

Stock indices are designed to predict the health of the overall economy and their volatility can be immensely profitable. CoinePro provides its clients the opportunity of trading these indices in order to profit from their volatility. You will be able to opt for some of the top indices in the world, such as Dow Jones, FTSE 100, DAX and S&P 500. You will come across daily market analysis that can be helpful for trading indices.

–          Commodities

If you don’t have a high-risk tolerance, commodities are a great financial asset for you because the instruments that fall under this category can offer consistent returns and have low volatility. At CoinePro, you will be able to trade a bunch of hard and soft commodities. The former includes energy products, such as oil and natural gas and precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium. These can be handy when you want an inflation hedge and a safe investment vehicle. As far as the latter are concerned, they include agricultural products like coffee, wheat and sugar.

–          Shares

One of the world’s oldest markets, the stock market involves investing in different companies from different industries. They are known to provide excellent returns, especially if you choose good stocks. CoinePro has added plenty of variety in this regard and you will be able to trade shares of some of the top markets in the world like Germany, USA and UK. You can find high leverages and low spreads and there are other trading tools that can come in handy for trading stocks.

–          Cryptocurrency

The trading instrument that has rocked the financial markets is none other than cryptocurrency. There is a huge demand for this asset, ever since its boom in 2017 when people earned millions within a matter of days. Knowing the interest, it has generated, brokers like CoinePro have been very active in adding it to their asset index. You can find some of the top cryptocurrencies available on this platform, which include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. A crypto volatility index is provided on their website to help traders in making their decisions.

Registration Process that You Have to Follow

In order to use a broker’s services, you have to first register with them, and this usually involves filling out a form on their website. Only after registration is complete you are allowed to open an account with the broker. Most people dread the registration process because it can take a lot of time as some brokers ask for detailed information and there are lots of documents to be submitted. In addition, some may also have an approval period, which can often be annoying. As stated earlier, Coinepro is a customer-centric broker, so their registration process is simple and straightforward.

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Their services are directed towards all kinds of traders, so they have not added any complicated steps, which can create a hassle for many. There is just one form to be completed in the registration process and it asks for only basic information. This includes your first name, last name, home address, phone number, postal code, country, email address and password. You should also choose the currency you wish to use in your account for making your payments and withdrawals. At the end, you should agree to the broker’s Terms & Conditions for finishing the registration process. You will be registered immediately and there will be no approval needed.

Multiple Account Options to Check

When your registration process is complete, the next step is to open an account with the broker to start trading. Opening an account is important because this will keep track of all your personal information, your trading history, your transactions and your payments. CoinePro has developed different account options for their clients because they aim to cater to traders from every background. Each of these account options has been developed for a different kind of trader. When you look up their account types, you will come across a total of three and these are:

–          Micro account

The first account that CoinePro has introduced is called the Micro account and its target are the beginner and newbie traders who have just joined the market. This account has a minimum deposit of $250 and it gives a trader access to the broker’s Optima trading platform. It comes with a personal account manager and static spreads, which can be helpful for a trader’s bottom line.

Traders can also get access to a newsfeed to know what is happening in the market. Leverage in this account is 1:200 and a maximum investment of $4,999 is allowed. The minimum trading lot size for the Micro account is 0.1 lots and there is a financial calendar included, allowing traders to keep track of the important market events.

–          Standard account

This next account at Coinepro is aimed at intermediate traders, who are those with some experience and knowledge of the market. Therefore, this account does have some advanced features to accommodate these traders. To start with, the minimum amount you need to deposit is $5,000 and the maximum that you can invest is $24,999. There is also a welcome bonus of 25% available and every feature of the previous account is offered here as well. But you do get some higher perks, such as a leverage of 1:300 and the 0.5 minimum lot size. Traders will also be able to take advantage of the Masters Partial.

–          Premium account

The third and the last account option that you can find at CoinePro is the premium account and it has been developed for professional and expert traders. To open this account, you have to deposit at least $25,000 and your investment can increase as much as $49,999. Users will receive a welcome bonus of 50% and the minimum lot size for this account is set at 1. Traders will get a higher leverage under this account, which is set at 1:400. The rest of the features offered in other accounts are also available here.

Trading Platforms Available for Use

After you have managed to open your account at CoinePro, it is time for you to take a look at the trading platforms that you will be able to use. A trading platform is the most important tool that a broker can offer you because it is used for opening and closing trading positions and keeping an eye on your trading activity. It is essential to remember that the trading platform that a broker offers can have a big impact on your trading experience. Therefore, your priority should be to ensure that you can find a reliable platform because if it has security issues or is slow in executing trades, you will pay for it in the form of heavy losses. So, what does CoinePro offer to you? There are several options that the broker has added, so you can check out the different trading platforms and choose the one you are comfortable with:

–          Optima

This particular trading platform has been incorporated by CoinePro for facilitating its clients, regardless of their experience or background. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, Optima trading platform works seamlessly and surprisingly, you don’t have to worry about a learning curve. It is very easy to use and everything can be accessed easily. You can download and install the trading platform within a few minutes and start trading without any problems.

–          WebTrader

The second trading platform that you can explore at CoinePro is called the WebTrader, which is accessed through the web browser and this has been added for the convenience of their clients. There is no need for traders to download anything on any device because you access it through their website. It provides you with flexibility because you can access it on any device you want, regardless of where you are. Trades are executed quickly, and traders can take advantage of even the smallest movements in prices to rake in the profits. There are plenty of trading tools available and every trade is reflected in real-time, so you will know exactly what’s happening in the market at any given time.

–          Mobile Apps

To ensure their clients have everything they need in one place, CoinePro has added mobile trading apps for iOS and Android devices. These also give you access to your account from anywhere and allow you to monitor your trades round the clock, no matter where you are. In addition, the broker has added useful trading tools to these apps to help their clients in trading successfully.

Payment Solutions for Deposits and Withdrawals

When you check out the account options offered by Coinepro, you will find out how much you have to deposit to open an account. The amount varies for every account option and once you have decided what account you want; you should be prepared to make the deposit. But, how do you do it? You should check out what payment solutions are supported by the broker in order to pick one that works for you. Most brokers offer multiple options, but there are fees and other charges associated with each and you need to know them beforehand because they can impact your bottom line.

CoinePro has attempted to make banking as convenient and easy as possible for their clients. You can make your deposits and later withdraw your profits with bank wire transfers. This allows you to directly use your bank account for your payments. Even though this method takes longer to process, it is quite secure. Deposits are free of cost, but withdrawal charges of $50 are applicable and minimum withdrawal of $250 is needed. Plus, you should use your own account as no support for third-party accounts is provided.

Debit and credit cards are also an option that you can consider. These transactions are executed immediately, with deposits occurring no cost, but withdrawals having a processing fee of $10 and a charge of $25. In addition, there is a minimum deposit requirement of $100 applicable with cards. Along with these methods, CoinePro has also added the option of using e-payments, as technology has evolved, and people prefer modern solutions. As far as this method is concerned, you need to withdraw at least $100 in one go, with no limits on deposits. A fee of $25 is incurred.

Customer Support and Assistance for Traders

At some point or another, you are going to have questions about the broker’s services or may encounter some issues. CoinePro understands that people will require help and so, they have spent some time in developing a strong and efficient customer service department. But, before that, they have provided their clients with a Trading Academy that has plenty of educational resources and tutorials to help them master the art of trading.

When it comes to customer support, they have opted to hire a multilingual staff because they cater to global traders. You can reach out to them 24/7 and they will provide you with the answer you need. The good thing about CoinePro is that they haven’t just hired anyone for their customer support. They have people who know trading and can give you accurate answers rather than vague ones. In order to get in touch with them, you can use the different email addresses provided for different queries or you can use their social media networks.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a broker that can provide you with the features you need, CoinePro has done a good job. You can trade in a secure and safe environment and can find a variety of assets for diversifying your portfolio to earn maximum profits.