Blockexplorer Switching Over to Bitcoin Cash – Creates More Confusion


Well-known Bitcoin (BTC/USD) transaction explorer Blockexplorer has officially announced that it is changing the default from “Bitcoin Legacy” (as they call it) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD). According to them, Bitcoin, as it is, ‘has reached an evolutionary dead end.’  This is quite an interesting opinion and seems as though it’s a part of the Bitcoin Cash‘s campaign to rebrand themselves as “Bitcoin

According to known Bitcoin Cash advocate Rick Falkvinge, “The Blockstream fork of Bitcoin diverges so radically from the ideas presented in the Bitcoin white paper, that it is an evolutionary dead end.” He said that while Bitcoin may still have a high trading value, it is no longer a part of building any financial infrastructure of the future – which Blockexplorer is all about.

In the announcement, Falkvine said that a digital currency for the future should be one with “sub cent optional usage fees and instant transactions.” They feel that Bitcoin is so deprecated with high fees and low confirmation speeds and would only support it as a legacy.

The CEO said that would totally remove support for “Bitcoin Legacy” at a later date in future. Going forward, Blockexplorer would refer to Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin.

As things stand, the future of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash remains uncertain. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has lost a good deal of its attraction due to staggering fees, but those are soon to be addressed by lightning network. An interesting future awaits all users and investors during this period of uncertainty.


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