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Japanese Internet Services Firm Planning Pilot Program to Pay Portion of Employee Salaries in Bitcoin
Gregory Rocco Dec 15,2017 0 Comments

Japanese company GMO Internet has announced that they are introducing a system in which employees of the company can receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoin (BTC/USD). According to a

Speculation Surrounding New Coins Being Added to Coinbase Draws Plenty of Attention in the Cryptocurrency Community
Maryam Manzoor Dec 15,2017 0 Comments

If anything can truly take a coin mainstream, it is a Coinbase listing (ask Litecoin holders), since the exchange is among the most popular and widely used in the world – particularly in

New York Women Indicted After Laundering Cryptocurrencies to Help ISIS
Kevin O'Brien Dec 15,2017 0 Comments

The U.S Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York announced yesterday they have indicted Zoobi Shahnaz of Brentwood on one count of bank fraud and three counts of money laundering as

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ZenCash Launches Secure Nodes to Protect Privacy of User Transactions
investFeed Dec 15,2017 0 Comments

New technology makes ZenCash the first end-to-end encrypted cryptocurrency network New York, New York — December 15, 2017 — ZenCash, the cryptocurrency for private and borderless transactions,

Israeli PM Netanyahu Suggests Bitcoin’s Rise Could Make Banks Disappear
Kevin O'Brien Dec 15,2017 0 Comments

In a YouTube video from December 12th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ponders the future of banking in a world featuring the growing influence of cryptocurrencies. Even though he

The Taxman Cometh: Indian Tax Authorities Investigate Bitcoin Exchanges
Maryam Manzoor Dec 14,2017 0 Comments

India’s Income Tax Department conducted a survey of Bitcoin (BTC/USD) exchanges across the country this Wednesday, on suspicion of possible tax evasion and to find ways to properly tax